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Alcohol doesn’t even give me hangovers it just makes me poop a lot.

Wow lvl 99 in x-2 wow.

Time to go catch some chocobos.

So I was peeing in a public urinal and I farted really loudly with 3 other guys there by accident.

Oh well.

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ARTIST: Girls' Generation
ALBUM: Make Your Move (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
TRACK: Cheap Creeper
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alltheboyzz whispered : why u no put dick inside me panda pops!

it’s flaccid right now

TRACK: Lulu's Theme
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okay I have a bunch of followers and none of you say hi back fine


iknowyoudonotcare whispered : Tidus and Lulu's celestial weapons are the hardest in my opinion. And X-2 is one giant fashion show costume party.

Haha I actually got Tidus the other day! My screenshot :P I was so happy. I just need to get Lulu’s and Kimhari’s and I’m good.